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Jacré Limousins
Name:  Pierre, Vanessa and Jacques van Niekerk
Address Klipfontein, Patryshoogte Road. Bedford, EC.
Number: +27 79 8815 800 (PJ); +27 73 2585 758 (V)

Choose longevity for your genetics!

The family run Jacré stud was founded in 1987 by Pierre van Niekerk and continues to be one of the oldest active Limousin studs in Southern Africa. The herd started with using a few mature cows from the Brilor and Bon Chance studs in this country, and through the import of in-calf heifers, embryo transfer programs and artificial insemination, the herd has only grown from strength to strength over the last thirty years in South Africa.

Jacré strives to breed females that exhibit femininity, fertility and veld adaptability throughout the wide range of South Africa’s climates, and produces beefy, broad and docile bulls.

However, it is in the commercial cattle sector where Jacré boasts most of its achievements. In addition to proving the powerful beef yielding ability of the Limousin in crossbreeding, the stud to date, is the only two-time title holder of the SAMIC Individual Carcass competition (in 1999/2000 and 2004/2005)as well as being placed Group Runner-up (1998) and Single Runner-up (1998).

The stud is based in the transitional Karoo near Bedford in the Eastern Cape and is farmed extensively in the Fish River Valley Thornveld, where all females run most of the year.

The VG prefix has sired many of South Africa’s top animals, the most notable of these being: VG9139 Jacre Cobra, VG9145 Jacre Cyclone, VG9572 Jacre Gigilo, VG9558 Jacre Governor, VG9341 Jacre Excellent, VG9734 Jacre Incredible, VG9879 Jacre Judge, VG1263 Jacre Aston Thetis and possibly the most well-known being VG9915 Jacre Killer.

On the scale, the veld and the show ring, trust VG for quality genetics.

Visitors and enquiries are always welcome.

Jacre bulls on show

Jacre calves in spring 2016

Jacre cows in the veld

Jacre Killer - Grand Champion at Bathurst Show 2002



Limousin X Jersey ox - Grand champion at local stock show

Ursula, Amke and Violet - the original three Jacre cows in 1987


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