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Sajama Limousins
Naam:  Sas Oosthuizen
Adres Limietrivier, 165 Kruishof Road, Agter-Groenberg Farms, Wellington, 7655
Nommer: Sel:  082 373 6580     Huis:  021 873 5621     Faks:  021 873 0223

Sajama Limousin Stud was established in 2001 with 6 cows and 1 bull obtained from Mr Riaan Watson of Watson Estate, outside George. We quickly fell in love with the Limousin breed and bought cows from breeders across the country.

In 2007 Sajama Limousins obtained the core herd of Par Excellence Stud outside Piketberg from Mr Hannes Eksteen. Currently we have 206 registered female animals. Kroonvieu Limousin Stud of Gielie and Susan Nieuwoudt and Sajama Limousins decided to make bulls available to one other since 2008. This enabled both studs to have a larger variety of genetics available for breeding excellent limousins and should be beneficial to all parties concerned. Both studs have a common objective, which is to produce animals that are:

1. Fertile
2. Adaptable
3. Hardy
4. Well-muscled
5. Good mothers and easy-calving with high milk yield
6. Of medium frame
7. Well tempered

Sajama Limousin Stud is proud to have achieved its breeding objectives. Since 2007 we have qualified as the stud with the best inter-calving period (ICP) herd size 51 100 (69 female animals) of 403 days. In 2008 we had a herd size in the class 151 200 (188 female animals) with an ICP of 387 days. In 2009 the herd size increased to the class of 201 250 (206 female animals) with an ICP of 386 days.


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