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Stoke Limousins
Name:  Angie Gonlag
Address PO Box 78, Mid-Illovo, 3750
Number: 082 774 8863

Stoke Farm, first established in 1959, is predominantly a sugarcane farm with the hope of increasing our current herd of 40 Limousin stud cattle to about 150 in the near future. We also have a commercial herd of about 50 cattle, comprising of mixed breeds. The sugarcane is run by my dad, Lindley Gonlag and the cattle are run by me, Angie Gonlag.

4 years ago, dad and I decided that we would like to buy Limousin cattle as they seemed well adjusted , with few eye problems, easy calving and good body condition. Im looking forward to participating in my first Royal Show next year with a selection of my 2011 bull calves and hope in future to participate in other shows as well! At present, I have two Limousin bulls, the one commercial, the other a stud. Next year I will be selling my commercial bull and purchasing another stud bull. 2012 is the first year that Stoke will be doing Synchronized AI with top bull semen on my pure stud animals. I can hardly wait to see the 2013 offspring!!!! As I have only just registered my herd, my focus is to concentrate on Quality of cattle, rather than Quantity. I believe that bloodlines are a very important aspect to consider. My preferences are for well muscled bulls and feminine, good milk producing cows. Im very fortunate to be guided by Paul van Biljon, Breed Director of the Limousin Society.

Eventually, once my herd has been built up and there are good bloodlines, I hope to have my own sale at our beautiful farm. Truly I am Blessed in having such a picturesque farm surrounded by sugarcane and lush kikuya pastures. Daily I am learning more about the Limousin breed and different ideas that I might consider incorporating into my stud. Being a compassionate person this is easily reflected in the behavior of my cattle, who are easy to handle. I firmly believe that if you look after an animal, they in turn will look after you. I look forward to the future of Stoke Farm Limousins, knowing that my careful and caring consideration towards their wellbeing will lead to the result I hope to achieve and put Stoke Limousins on the map!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the above details.


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