The first Limousin Cattle were imported from France in 1974.  Twenty-five heifers and two bulls were acquired by Messrs. B. Hart, Mike Fitzhenry, Walter Gous, Dr. Badenhorst and Minister Carl de Wet respectively.  (The government allowed only six female animals per breeder).

In 1975 a further eighteen female animals were imported by Messrs. Warrie Cilliers, Theo Kruger, Carl de Wet and Barry Kramer.  Thereafter the government placed and embargo on the importing of cattle.  For approximately ten years breeders were dependent on the import of semen.  The use of bulls for crossbreeding was very limited due to the lack of availability and knowledge of the breed.

In 1985 the embargo on imports was lifted and a further 53 female cattle and one bull were imported from France again.  Thereafter the popularity of the breed increased and the amount of breeders grew from 7 to 154 in 2001.  By the year 2002, 12 000 animals had already been registered.


The first public auction where a few Limousin were put up for sale was held at Cathkin Peak in 1984.  On 30 July 1986 the first promotional auction took place at Harrysmith.  Ever since it has been an annual event.

The founding of the Breeder's Association

A preliminary founder's meeting took place on 22 September 1984 at the Stud Book in Bloemfontein.

On 6 August 1986 the Limousin Cattle Breeders' Association became a legal persona and it joined SA STUD BOOK.  In November 1986 the Council broke away from the Cattle Breeder's Association and it moved to the office of SA Jersey, which would handle their affairs from then on.

Since January 1996 the Limousin Cattle Breeder's Association has existed independently and Johan Fourie was appointed as the first Breed Director.



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