Membership is open to any person residing in the Republic of South Africa.


Every breeder is required to register a prefix for use in naming the animals which he breeds. Your selection of prefixes will be submitted to the SA Stud Book Association, which will register one of your choices for your exclusive use. Once a prefix has been registered, SA Stud Book will issue you with a membership number which will be used on birth notifications and all other correspondence in connection with the registration of your animals.

Herd Designation Mark

Every breeder is required to register a Herd Designation Mark for use in identifying the animals which he breeds. A selection of three marks must be submitted to ensure that there is no duplication within the breed – although you may apply to use the same herd designation mark which you are using for a herd of another breed. The mark must consist of 2-3 letters and must be submitted to the Limousin Society.

Ear Tattooing

The breeder’s Herd Designation Mark, the year letter, and a number denoting the sequence of birth of the animal concerned, must be tattooed in the LEFT EAR of the calf within thirty days of its birth.

Notification of Births

A notification of Birth is to be completed in respect of each calf born – even where the calf is dead, premature or aborted. No tattoo number is necessary. This notification of dead calves is necessary to maintain the mother’s inter-calf records.

Books with Notification of Birth Certificates may be obtained from this office. The forms are to be completed in duplicate. The bottom copy is retained for your own records and the top copy must be submitted WITHIN 60 DAYS to:

Limousin SA  ■  PO Box 12560  ■  Brandhof  ■  9324 or

It is of the utmost importance that Notifications of Birth to completed ACCURATELY and IN FULL. Ensure that the name, identification number and registration number of the sire and dam coincide exactly with the information on their Registration Certificates. Any error on the Notification of Birth can result in endless delays in the processing of the document. Birth notifications may also be submitted electronically through the use of HerdMaster; a farm management computer program. (Information available from Breedplan on +2712 348 4352 or visit Once the notification of the birth has been received, a calf-book certificate will be issued to the breeder. A full registration certificate will only be issued once the animal has been inspected and approved by the Inspector of the Society.


An inspection by one of the Society’s inspectors is required in order for any animal to become fully registered as a studbook Limousin, and for a registration certificate to be issued. This inspection must take place once the animal has reached the age of 18 months, and will generally be carried out on annual herd visits.

In the event that a breeder wishes to sell an animal before it has been inspected, the animal will be sold with a calf-book registration certificate. Should the new owner desire a full studbook registration certificate, he/she must then apply for an inspection from the Society once the animal is over 18 months of age.


Notification of the transfer of an animal must be sent to Limousin SA WITHIN 30 DAYS OF TRANSFER. Provision for such notification is made on the reverse side of the Registration Certificate.


The office must be notified of the death of an animal (or the cancellation of its registration) within 30 days, and the relevant Registration Certificate must be submitted at the same time.



Clubs are founded and consist of members with a common interest. In the case of the Limousin Cattle Breed Society, members are registered Limousin breeders.


The aim of starting clubs is to bring breeders of a specific region together on a social level, as well as for the sharing of ideas.


The multi-purpose functions of a club are briefly set out as follows:

●  To meet regularly to discuss matters of importance, and to find methods on how to IMPLEMENT any resolutions
●  To create opportunities to introduce the breed to the specific region
●  To assist members in creating marketing opportunities
●  To encourage club members to improve their quality of breed continuously by having regular evaluations and discussions with fellow      breeders
●  To have club championships simultaneous with shows or other occasions in the region, such as herd competitions
●  To organise Farmer’s or Information Days to give prominence to the LIMOUSIN Breed
●  Club members must work together to participate in Slaughter Competitions
●  To accommodate new members and to motivate them actively regarding all aspects of breeding
●  Appropriate speakers and other organizations must be invited to lecture clubs on matters such as Performance Testing or training in
    general breeding practices
●  Organising of judging courses
●  It should also be practical and worthwhile to have auctions at club level
●  Clubs play an important part in the breeders’ setup. Therefore they should be managed on a healthy and vital basis. It is well-known
    that where people work together in smaller groups, a very good spirit of co-operation and solidarity develops. It is precisely this
    aspect which can be applied usefully in the interests of the Limousin Breed, thus expanding its aims on a joint basis.

Clubs are also expected to report any malpractices to the Breed Director or Council, thus preventing bad publicity.


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