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The Limousin breed originated in France and is believed to be as old as the European continent itself. Cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux Caves that are about 20 000 years old make us think of today's Limousins. Today this unique breed has very special meat characteristics and can make its mark with great success in any cattle farm. Small calves at birth due to the fine bone structure that is a characteristic of the breed, make that aspect of farming run smoothly.

The highest outcome percentage, some of the best meat returns and meat to bone ratio of all breeds in SA, make Limousins the natural choice for your weaning calf production as well as for the feedlot. Limousins are one of the biggest breeds today and Europe and proves that Limousin bulls can be used with ease on your cows. Limousins are found in all nine provinces of South Africa and are well adapted to its circumstances. Our membership in SA today total 86 breeders and approximately 11 000 registered animals with our society.

Limousins are known as the carcass breed because "WE BREED MEAT"!




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Knoetzekamma Limousins

Rodrique Limousins


Witpoort Limousins

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     Bloem Show (CANCELLED)
        24 April - 02 May 2020

     4 Children Dispersal Sale
        22 May 2020
     Sale Animals

     Royal Show (CANCELLED)
        22 - 31 May 2020

        11 - 14 August 2020

     La Rhone Sale
        29 August 2020

Animals for Sale

    Bulls & Females for Sale (Jacre Limousins - Eastern Cape):  Contact: Pierre: 079 881 5800 / Vanessa: 073 258 5758 / Jacques: 073 717 7048

    Bulls for Sale (Xourel Limousins):  Contact: Derick le Roux - 079 602 5376

    Bulls & Females for Sale (Devlan Limousins):  Contact: John Devonport - 083 454 3095

    Bulls & Females for Sale (Sajama Limousins):  Contact: Sas Oosthuizen - 082 373 6580

    Bulls for Sale (Knoetzekamma Limousins):  Contact: Kobus Watson - 082 897 4312 / Johan Smalberger - 072 146 6959

    Bulls for Sale (La Rhone Limousins):  Contact: AJ du Toit - 072 377 3792


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